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IT Equipment Movers in Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and Washington

Precision Equipment Placement (PEPMOVE) is the preferred resource for moving your valuable server, data center and telecommunication equipment. If you’re looking for IT equipment movers in Colorado, Oregon or Washington, call PEPMOVE today. We understand the company-critical nature of your IT equipment and infrastructure and the sensitivity of the equipment.

Our Data Center Move Services

We can plan and execute—in tandem with your IT team or consultants—a stress-free relocation of single or multiple servers and other rack mounted equipment, entire racks and more. At PEPMOVE, our comprehensive data center moving services include:

  • Single server moving
  • Multiple server moving
  • Server rack moving
  • Battery back-up moving
  • UPS unit moving
  • Tape drive moving
  • Switch moving
  • Data array moving
  • Storage array moving
  • Blade moving
  • Optical storage moving
  • And more!

In addition to our moving and relocation services, we also provide the following services for your valuable data center equipment:

  • De-installation
  • Reinstallation
  • Rack unload
  • Waste disposal
  • Packing
  • Crating
  • Storage

With PEPMOVE, you’re dealing directly with the professional team actually handling your valuable equipment. Our full-time, uniformed and highly professional crews regularly relocate servers, using our specialty equipment, driving our trucks and using our trusted relocation process.

Our Data Center Move Process

We understand that every server and data center relocation is different, and we can handle any job that you need done—large or small. The most typical relocation involves several racks of equipment—servers, tape drives, data/storage arrays, optical storage units, switches and battery back-ups/UPS units—from your internal data center room or a co-located facility to a new location. This often involves de-installing rack mounted equipment, moving the entire rack or both.

Other data center moves include removing specific servers for expedited shipment to distant locations. No matter the extent of your data center or server move needs, our moving service always includes:

  • At least one pre-site visit
  • A careful plan developed with your team that fully meets your needs
  • Constant communication up to the designated data center relocation date
  • A smooth, efficient data center or server move on the date you set

When you call PEPMOVE for server moving, we’ll:

  • Safely remove equipment from racks
  • Maintain control of cables, fasteners and slides
  • Wrap each component safely (with anti-static film as required)
  • Pad equipment with electronic grade protection foam sheet
  • Load onto our specialty carts or trucks from either dock or ground level (all our trucks have large stable “rail” lift gates)
  • Securely strap the equipment into the truck for safe transport

With PEPMOVE’s server moving process, your valuable equipment is directly under our control at all times, with a minimum of handling. We reverse the entire process at the delivery location.

IT Equipment Storage & Disposal

Our data center moving services don’t stop at pickup and drop off. We also offer data center equipment storage in our secure, climate controlled warehouses in Colorado, Washington and Oregon for single servers or multiple racks of equipment. If the equipment is not needed at the new location right away, or if the servers are being held as back-ups or possibly for resale, contact PEPMOVE for data center equipment or server storage. And if you have IT equipment being shipped, you can have it delivered to our dock and we’ll deliver and install it for you at a time that fits your schedule. This can greatly reduce freight costs and the amount of coordination required on your part.

Finally, we can also handle the disposal of outdated units that you have decommissioned in a secure and environmentally responsible process.

Why Trust PEPMOVE with Server Moving or Data Center Relocation?

You and your company can’t afford for your server move or data center relocation to go anything other than flawlessly! That’s why you need a company with expertise and experience SPECIFICALLY moving servers and other sensitive data center equipment.

When you choose PEPMOVE as your IT equipment movers in Colorado, Washington or Oregon, we can provide insurance certificates as required and handle special site considerations, including floors, elevator access, dock time restrictions and other potential issues. Whether you need budget estimates early in your data center relocation process, need to discuss scheduling a server move or are ready for a site visit and to lay out a detailed relocation plan, call us today or fill out a contact form.

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