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Machinery Moving in Colorado, Washington, Utah & Oregon

If you’re looking for machinery movers to move, store, or deliver your office copier, medical or electronic devices, fitness equipment, telecom equipment, store fixtures, commercial restaurant equipment, or other large and unusual machinery, you’ve come to the right place!

At PEPMOVE, our professional teams, equipment, trucks, and warehouses are dedicated solely to large machinery moving and installations in Colorado, Washington, Utah and Oregon. We’re NOT your typical moving company with temp laborers tossing around sofas one day and handling (and likely damaging) your valuable machinery the next day.

Trust your valuable machinery moving to the experts at PEPMOVE. Contact us today for sensitive machinery moving, shipping, or storage in CO, WA, OR, or UT or keep reading to learn more about our machinery moving services.

Our Machinery Moving Services

When you need moving services for valuable, sensitive, electronic, or large machinery, don’t trust just any moving company. Our professional team is skilled in moving:

  • Copiers
  • Medical equipment
  • Lab equipment
  • IT equipment
  • Fitness equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Commercial equipment
  • And other sensitive or heavy machinery

If you need help moving heavy machinery in Colorado, Oregon, Utah, or Washington, call us today or keep reading to learn more about our machinery moving process.

Our Machinery Moving Process

PEPMOVE has an experienced, stable team that knows your machinery and its special needs. Our trucks are generally “box trucks” specially equipped to transport heavy or sensitive machinery. We also have lift gates on every vehicle—allowing us to transport to ground or dock level.

Everything about our trucks and equipment is tuned over years of experience to handle sensitive machinery—whether it’s servers from your data center, copy machines from your office, or MRI equipment from your hospital—including:

  • Suspensions
  • Special placement of E-track to allow safe and secure strapping of machinery
  • Our proprietary foam padding designed for electronic transport and protection (rather than the typical moving company blankets)
  • Stair crawlers
  • Stair robots
  • Floor coverings
  • High-capacity dollies
  • Ramps
  • Plates
  • And more

When you call PEPMOVE for machinery moving in Colorado, Washington, Utah, or Oregon, you can rest assured we have all the special tools to accommodate any special needs for your equipment or site challenges.

Our machinery moving process starts with effective communications with your team—by phone, email, fax, or in person. We record and schedule the job information in our proprietary system, as well as any special requirements (times, site challenges, pre-training, delivery equipment, call-aheads) and then track through to completion. We can also provide prompt notifications and proof-of-deliveries to meet your requirements.

Physically, while each job is unique, most moves involve the following steps:

  • Verify serial numbers and component parts as we start each job
  • Determine the best and safest route for on-site delivery or removal in conjunction with the site contact
  • Shrink-wrap all machinery for safe transport
  • Complete a cleaning process upon delivery as required
  • Assemble and disassemble vulnerable components or pieces per your specifications
  • Use our special dollies and equipment as required
  • Complete pre-delivery site inspections as required

Why Choose PEPMOVE as Your Machinery Movers?

If you’re looking for machinery movers in Colorado, Washington, Utah, or Oregon, you can trust PEPMOVE with all your sensitive and heavy machinery moving needs. We can provide insurance certificates as required and handle special site considerations, including floors, elevator access, dock time restrictions, and other potential issues. We also offer secure storage in our climate controlled warehouses, as well as receiving and crating, packing, and shipping for all sizes of machinery.

PEPMOVE handles new equipment deliveries, demo and trial use machinery to meet the needs of the sales teams, moves of existing machinery, and responsible disposal or return of outdated machinery—pretty much anything you need done!

“Standard” availability for us is one- to two-day job notifications (depending on the size of the job), but we can normally handle same-day and emergency requests. By prior arrangement, we can handle before-hours, after-hours, weekends, and holidays.

Our warehouses and truck bases are in:

  • Denver, CO
  • Kent, WA
  • Portland, OR

From these locations, we regularly service virtually all of the respective states and adjoining states as required. If you need machinery moving, call us today or fill out a contact form.

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