ATM / Kiosk / Fixtures & Displays

ATM & Kiosk Services

ATMs, Kiosks and other “Self-Service” machines are part of today’s competitive landscape.  They are everywhere and many of them are in service due to the solutions provided by PEPMOVE. 

  • Banks
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience Stores
  • Colleges 
  • Shopping Malls 

Retail Services

The volatile world of retail sales is a part of our new normal with store closings, relocations, and consolidations.  At PEPMOVE, we can provide seamless, single-source, comprehensive services to companies dealing with the packing, movement, and redeployment of inventory and fixtures associated with the closing or relocation of a store. PEPMOVE is an experienced and trusted resource for disassembly, packing, short term warehousing, and delivery and set up of retail fixtures and displays.

ATM & Kiosk Retail Fixtures & Displays Moving Process

Our customers in this market have depended on PEPMOVE’s customized solutions to bring their technology to market. Below are some specific examples of how PEPMOVE brings value to our customers:

PEPMOVE’s Electronic Management System

  • Total Asset Management
  • Serial Number Verification
  • EDI

On Site Services

  • Complete Installation – All Models
  • Secure and anchor machines
  • Operational Set-up & Test
  • Set up data connections
  • Integration into Surrounds & Kiosks
  • Integration of Modems & Signage
  • Shrink-wrap all commercial equipment for safe transport
  • Complete a cleaning process upon delivery as required
  • Assemble and disassemble vulnerable components or pieces per your specifications

Transportation Services

  • Padded Van & Air-Ride
  • In-transit Merge

Warehouse Services

  • Storage / forward staging of machines
  • Perform necessary system, hardware, and software updates