Warehousing & Warehousing Technical Support

Customized Warehousing programs—whether short or long term—for customers purchased material, demonstration equipment, new or remanufactured products are our specialty.  Our customers get real-time visibility to their inventories since the product is tracked and managed by our Warehouse Management System.

All of our Warehouse facilities have the characteristics you would want for specialized, information-based warehousing:

  • Dock high
  • Sprinkler  & Security Systems
  • Racking •Material Moving Equipment
  • RF & RFID Capable
  • Separate & Secure Temperature-Controlled Tech Centers with dedicated power & workstations

All PEPMOVE Warehouses can service your needs, be it Receiving, Inventory Management, Material Handling, or Pick, Pack, Label & Ship.

PEPMOVE’s Technical Support Services are broad and tested, too.  Whether it’s Configuration, Postponement, Equipment Calibration, Equipment Cleaning, Disposition (cycle counts & decommissioning), or End-of-Life Services (Second Sourcing or Environmentally Friendly Disposal), PEPMOVE is there to ensure your needs are met.